Are the DewRagz washable?

Yes! Our microfiber is hand washable. We reccomend gently washing in the sink by hand with dish soap. View our YouTube channel for a tutorial! However use of a washing machine or dryer is not recommended.

Do I need to keep my DewRag inside the bag all the time?

No! The activity strap keeps your DewRag out of the dirt and grime being accessable whenever and wherever. View our Instagram to see where your DewRag can go! We do reccomend keeping the bag handy however, it comes in useful at times!

How big is the bag?

The cloth bag is roughly 2.5 x 2.5 inches. 

How big is the microfiber cloth?

The cloth is roughly 6x6 inches. 

What are the zig zag edges for?

Fold the zig zag pattern facing outwards and the zig zags will clean the nooks and crannies of any lens or electronic device. View a tutorial on our Youtube Channel!

Where do I buy a DewRag?

We currently offer sales through Amazon. Check out what is available! 

What is the elastic strap for that is attached to the cloth?

The activity wrist strap was designed to bring cleanliness and transparency into the active world of extreme sports. Wether that be dirt biking to paddle boarding the activity strap allows you to clip and go. Not having to worry about getting dirty in the process. Check out the instagram for some photos of the action! #DewRagz

Are wholesale orders available?

Please inquire via email or by phone through our contact page! 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Just contact our email or phone number and deal directly with a representative. Shipping may be a tad extra however.